excerpt from tales unclaimed - jacqueline heer

here are some examples of the leaves from jacqueline heer's "tales unclaimed" piece, in which i assisted in 1993. there were roughly 50 leaves that were sculpted for this installation. the leaves, placed in a field of over 50 gallons of shattered glass, some slowly rotating, some stationary, with a mysterious soundtrack of breath and the rustling of nature, quietly penetrating the gallery. each leaf was unique in shape and size, most of them twice the size of an average hand, fingers fully extended. 24 black and white photographs of distant places, a chalk drawing in the corner of an unknown family and a woven wire wreath adorned the gallery walls. this installation had special meaning to both jacqeline and myself, as it came about at a very important time in both of our lives. without her, i would not have been a part of it, and without me, it would have been a different work of art. working for and with her has been the most important and impacting part of my artistic career. her inspiration and influence in my life, as well as my art will stay with me forever. for more information about jacqueline heer visit my links page.

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